TXIH2020 has been rescheduled: 08/14 10:00 AM to 08/16 02:00 PM
We Got This

Stuff to Bring

This is officially the unofficial packing list of TXIH things you should bring along with everything else you need: Your own unique Vessel (none will be provided), A second unique vessel for WATER, sunscreen, bug spray, extra drinking water/ice, cleaning wipes, hand sanitizer, Bring. A. Mask., personal shade device (hat, umbrella, whatever), hydration stuffs, costumes (see schedule for themes), personal camp fan/cooling device, BRING. A. MASK., liquor if you're into that kinda thing...


The mayor of Red Oak has approved our event, provisionally. While he is still not happy with it, he has agreed NOT to police it and a few requests have been made for additional safety in lieu of Covid drama. This includes temperature scans at check in, individually packaged meals, and no community kegs. We will be pushing rego transfers for the next two weeks as much as we can. Sunday the 26th will be the last day for transfers.

Anything marked with important is a Zero Tolerance rule and will get you kicked out. Period.

Basic Rules

  1. Consent.important
    1. If you need more info than that, this is not the event for you.
  2. Respect the property.
    1. Do not climb on things - if you break it you buy it.
    2. Do not enter any buildings (obviously this doesn't apply to the haunted house Friday Night 9pm-12am).important
  3. Bring your own vessel.
    1. To help alleviate the chances you might grab someone else's red solo cup: none will be provided (except for coffee cups).
    2. Be smart and bring a water vessel as well so you can double fist.
  4. Pay attention to what is a trash can vs. recycling boxes.
  5. No animals (other than hashers) allowed.


  1. Your temperature will be taken at check-in.important
    1. If 100.4℉ or higher, you will be asked to return to your car for 20 minutes to cool off before trying again.
    2. If there is no significant improvement you will not be granted entry.
  2. You must answer a quick little survey from the CDC for COVID Screening.
  3. You will choose between green or red leis.
    1. Green means comfortable with hugs/handshake greetings.
    2. Red means not okay with contact and keep your distance.
    3. We will not abide by any harassment due to choice of lei.important
      1. Or any harassment at all.
  4. Must show proof that you have a mask.
    1. They are recommended at all times.
    2. They are required in the haunted house.important
  5. As always:
    1. Have your ID ready for check-in.
    2. Pick up gimmees.
    3. Get your wristband, which must be worn at all times, as proof of a successful screening.important
  6. If you are arriving outside of the scheduled check in time you need to let Mis Man know and find us immediately upon arrival.
    1. Do NOT go set up your tent at 10 PM, grab a beer, then realize you need to get screened.
    2. Keep your distance from other hashers while you hunt someone down
      *Wranglers in the cheap Cowboy hats can help you.*
    3. Park on the main road outside of the barricades for assistance.


  1. Trails will be released in waves of 10.
    1. Except the shiggy trail, which will have three bus rides of 20 people.
    2. A mask is required to ride the bus.
    3. Or you may safely transport yourself to start at Bear Creek Nature Park.
  2. Never Leave Camp (Zippy) Trail - will be meeting by the stage.
  3. Shiggy Trail - Bus - will meet by the barricades between the loud camping and main event area.
  4. Pavement Trail - will meet under the canopy by the sprinkler
  5. Sunday Hangover Trail - Hashers Not Trashers - meeting in the main event area

Food Protocol

  1. All meals will be served via personal boxed meals.
  2. All keg beers will be served via TABC Licensed personnel.
  3. All snacks will be individually wrapped and manufacturer packaged.
  4. Before and after eating, wipe down the table surface.
  5. Wash your hands or use sanitizer before getting food/snacks or drinks.

Safety Third

  1. Wash your hands often.
  2. Wipe down what you can when you can.
  3. Don't put your mouth on anything that is communal. Beer taps, water jugs, etc.important
  4. Masks are required inside of the haunted house Friday night and recommended at all other times.
    1. A mask is required to ride the bus for the shiggy trail.
  5. Maintain appropriate social distance. Get to know new hashers from a distance.
  6. Utilize the sanitizer spray provided at potties for you to spray surfaces before and after you go.
  7. Cleanliness is Key - If you're gonna be nakie and sit on community spaces, lay down a towel and remember which side is up.
  8. If you see an empty hand sanitizer bottle don't throw it away, let someone know, we can refill it.

Random Info

  1. RV/Camper/Hammock camping is allowed but there are no hookups available.
  2. There is water access via hoses but no body of water.
  3. Rego transfer cut off is two weeks prior to the event.
  4. Refunds will be made after the event.
    1. A portion of the budget has been set aside for this.
    2. Any remaining funds will be used to mail gimmees and returned to hashers who have contacted us about selling prior to the transfer cutoff.
    3. Note: a full refund is not possible.
  5. You may park your car next to your camping area.
  6. First Aide kits, emergency hydration and cooling supplies will be available.

Look for emergency warning signs for COVID-19. If someone is showing any of these signs, seek emergency medical care immediately.
  • Trouble breathing.
  • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest.
  • New confusion.
  • Inability to wake or stay awake.
  • Bluish lips or face.